What we need/Ways to contribute

This page will continue to be moderated. The purpose is to allow our supporters to contribute to the cause of creating a nuclear free northwest and closing the Columbia Generating Station immediately.

All contributions are welcome:

  1. First, we do need financial contributions, big and small to fund our farm, our actions and legal fees may may occur as we find legal remedies to stop the lies and deceptions of the nuclear industry;

  2. Volunteers are needed for the farm at various times of the year; please send us an email to coordinate your assistance;

  3. Continue to contact the Bonneville Power Adminstration, specifically asking for Elliot Mainzer and demand CGS be permanently closed due to its financial instability (it losses approximately $100 million per year) and the danger it presents due to its proximity of Hanford in a catastrophic event.

  4. Contact your elected officials, at the local, state and federal levels (regardless of your state) and demand they get involved in shutting CGS because it is a grave danger to entire nation and will destroy America’s “breadbasket” in the event of a nuclear meltdown because Hanford will become the worst catastrophe the world has ever known.

  5. Share this website often to spread the word.

  6. Listen to and share the few radio shows that are focused on exposing the real facts about the nuclear industry (Nuclear Hotseat, The Age of Fission Radio Show) in order to give people power through real information.

  7. Find a way to participate in providing clothing, shoes, blankets, tents and other means of helping the 1/2 million houseless people in America.  They are among the most exposed and most vulnerable. They do not have the means to stay out of the radioactive rain and snow. Helping the houseless is a way of helping us all.