Endorsed Actions

This page is dedicated to sharing actions taken by the directors of No Nukes NW not specifically related to our prime directives or to actions taken by other activists, in an effort to fully engage our fellow citizens:

Lonnie Clark is the host of The Age of Fission Radio show that is on www.ucy.tv, Monday through Friday 8 am – 9 am pst.  The podcasts can be found at The Age of Fission Radio Show.



RadCast.org is dedicated to bringing you radiation readings from citizen readers around the world and present the data in a way which brings with it a perspective unique to each site and one offering statistical relevance; to educate you about radiation and why you should care, to help change the way we see our partnership with the world as human beings and caretakers of the planet and in doing so, to also assist in any way possible in the shutting down of nuclear power around the US and the world.

RadCast should be used as a hub of information from people for others especially information which is not widely circulated.


UCY.TV is an online radio station that offers a variety of shows that work to expose the lies of the nuclear industry, the Industrial Military Complex and the ongoing assault against Mother Earth. The link to this station can be found at: UCY.TV


Nuclear Hotseat is an independent provides the week’s anti-nuclear news, serious reporting as well ascomic relief (“Numnutz of the Week” for Nuclear Boneheadedness), jingles and sound effects, insightful interviews w/nuclear experts in all aspects of the issue have broken national stories in mainstream media and been translated into German and Japanese. (Also available on UCY.TV)



Just Moms STL is a St. Louis based group of moms organized to bring awareness to the radioactive material that is interspersed throughout the St Louis Metropolitan area, and areas that have been deeply affected by these materials.  They work to help the families obtain relocation and remediation from the WWII uranium that was illegally dumped at the West Lake Landfill at the FUSRAP waste dumpsite in the early 60s that has turned into what the EPA calls “a smoldering event” (fire), leaking into the environment and causinig severe medical conditions to residents living right next to it.



Moms Across America works to raise awareness about GMOs and toxic exposure, empower leadership, and create healthy communities.  They support local activities, initiate campaigns and share solutions nationwide to improve our health and freedoms.



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