De-Fund Fleet Week

Date: June 7-10, first action on June 7, 2017

Where: Willamette River—St. John’s Bridge, Cathedral Park Boat Launch to Waterfront Park

Time: 8AM- 6PM or however long it takes

What: Peace Protesters will bring kayaks, boats, and rafts to the boat launch at the St. John’s Bridge or anywhere else in the waters between the St. John’s Bridge and Waterfront Park.THIS IS NOT A BLOCKADE.
This is a peace protest declaring the Northwest a Nuclear Free Zone.


There is nothing admirable in the glorification of war. Nothing. We Demand a Nuclear Free Zone in the Northwest, which precludes the use of war ships that use nuclear power or weapons. We demand the demise of Fleet Week. Join us in protest.

We will no longer tolerate the celebration of war in our City. We will no longer tolerate parading nuclear weaponry and nuclear powered ships in our City or on our rivers.

Fleet Week, with its outrageous display of war propaganda and floating nuclear threats in our rivers year after year, must end. We ask that you join our protest of these war ships and propaganda of death, annihilation and Imperialism on the Willamette River on June 7th.

It is not enough to ask for Sanctuary for one class, for a part of a community or a piece of a Nation. We demand the entire northwest be a Nuclear Free Zone and the cessation of all nuclear weaponry and nuclear power plants (whose “waste” is a primary component for nuclear weapons).

We demand justice and peace and well being for all. We demand that the houseless get housed, for they are most exposed to nuclear contamination that is ongoing from nuclear testing and leaking facilities around the globe. 

We demand the money used for war ships in our city get re-routed for villages for the unhoused. We demand true sanctuary if there is to be any sanctuary. There is no Sanctuary with nuclear powered war ships, nuclear weapons and an overabundance of police on the streets to protect those war ships. 

We demand that racist police, now a part of the “new military” in every city,  get fired and are held accountable for their illegal behavior. We demand that police aggression and hatred toward communities of color, to those unsheltered and aimed at the poor, must end! We demand that police who kill the mentally ill or people of color or the unsheltered and unhoused, go to the very prisons that were designed to imprison and oppress the poor. Our commitment to a nuclear free zone includes justice for the most exposed to radioactive contamination.

We demand that part of the money used for Fleet Week get re-routed to ensure proper health care and safety for sex workers since they are the ones most directly exposed to nuclear contamination and abused by those coming in on the war ships.

NON-VIOLENCE: This is a non-violent protest. The war ships are dangerous and we want to stay on our side of the channels. But we must be present.

CAUTION: In light of deceits by the nuclear fleet, protestors may want to wear a face mask or some other protective gear while in proximity to these vessels, as we cannot assure what increased level of contamination is on these war ships.

How can you help?
Please call the County and City and demand that Fleet Week be defunded and express your opinion. We are talking about this with them directly but we must have your help!

Call the County and demand the De-Funding of Fleet Week.
Commissioner Kafoury: 503-988-3308 or email at
Commissioner Meieran: 503.988.5220

Mayor Ted Wheeler: 503-823-4120
Commissioner Nick Fish: 503-823-3589. Email:
Commissioner Chloe Eudaly: 503-823-4682. email: