About Us

Our Mission Statement

1.) To object to, protest and work to end all use of nuclear energy sources and nuclear weapons in the NW and on the West Coast.

2.) To educate the public regarding the harm caused by the nuclear industry, its inherent danger and the gross negligence it exercises that exacerbates the harm caused by nuclear energy, nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

3.) To educate the public about the environmental hazards from nuclear facilities in the Pacific Northwest

4.) Work to close all nuclear facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

5.) To legally defend the right of all citizens living in the Pacific Northwest to close all nuclear facilities, to live a nuclear free life.


No Nukes NW was founded in 2012 during the time of Occupy Portland. Non profit status was granted in 2016. We were concerned about what was happening at the Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump in Richland, WA 177 miles up the Columbia River from us in Portland.

We discovered that no one knew we had a volatile nuclear plant sitting on a cluster of fault lines within the Hanford dumpsite and that nuke plant is, in fact, one of the most dangerous nuclear power plants in the US.

The Columbia Generating Station (CGS) is that nuke plant and its name was diluted and changed with new ownership from WPPS 2 (Washington Public Power Supply System, commonly referred to as Whoops) to CGS in order to con the public into thinking there was no longer a nuke plant in the region.

No Nukes NW is an activist group whose motto is “No Apologies, No Excuses, No Nukes”.

We are watchdogs of what happens at CGS and messengers for the public so that every failure of CGS gets relayed to the world.

No Nukes NW is a 501(c) 3 organization, all of your contributions are fully tax deductible.